ENV Species-focused Campaigns

Stop Pangolin Consumption and Trade

Sunda pangolin CPCP-R

In Vietnam, pangolins are consumed in restaurants as well as being valued for their scales in traditional medicine. While the demand for pangolin meat and scales is a growing problem in Vietnam, the majority of pangolins being traded are destined for China. Pangolin consumption and trade have made these creatures one of the most endangered groups of mammals in the world.

Photo: Sunda pangolin (Source: Leanne Clark - CPCP)


Stop the Illegal Tiger Trade

As few as 5 tigers may remain in the wild in Vietnam, most surviving in border areas of the central and northwest region of the country. However, investigations show that the illegal tiger trade flourishes in Vietnam, with a small number of farms known to be selling tiger cubs and trading in tigers, as well as suspected of laundering tigers through their farms that originate from abroad.



Bring an End to the Killing of Rhinos

 Bush walk Kruger NP
It is too late for Vietnam’s last rhino, but not too late for other rhinos in the world. Vietnam must share the responsibility of protecting rhinos by enforcing the law and dispelling mythical beliefs.