Bear Karma

Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) debuts the newest Public Service Announcement (PSA), Bear Karma, shinning a light onto the dark reality of Vietnamese bear bile farms which keep modern-day Vietnam bound to adverse practices of the past.

The Women Fighting Wildlife Crime in Vietnam

Have you ever wondered how ENV handles a wildlife crime case from beginning to end? Well, look no further! Our newest film, The Women Fighting Wildlife Crime in Vietnam, highlights exactly how our team turns public reports into prison sentences.

New Public Service Announcement “Safer with Science”

Today, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) has just released the newest Public Service Announcement (PSA), Safer with Science, which drives home the fact that Vietnam is moving towards a future that chooses modern medicine over wildlife products.

Phuc Tho Vlog: Residents of Hanoi call on authorities to End Bear Bile Farming

The bear farming situation in Phuc Tho is a dark smear on the image of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, both on a national and international scale. Now, the residents of Phuc Tho are calling for decisive action from authorities and bear owners to end this outdated and cruel practice.

Tables Turn on Tiger Bone Users

Hanoi, July 29, 2020 – Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) has just released their latest Public Service Announcement (PSA) in celebration of International Tiger Day on July 29th. The PSA, titled Superstitious, brings the audience face-to-face with superstitions still common in Vietnam, some harmless, and others destroying Earth’s wildlife. Superstitious engages the audience through jovial […]

Newest Campaign to End Wildlife Trafficking in Vietnam

Summary The illegal wildlife trade is destroying our Earth, pushing endangered species to extinction, and threatening public health on a globally deadly scale as the 4th largest black-market industry worldwide. Vietnam is a major player in the widespread trafficking of wildlife, with high demand for wildlife and as a wildlife trafficking hub. Education for Nature […]

15 Bears Released as Bear Owners Come Together to Expedite an End to Bear Bile Farming

Seven bears from two farms in Binh Duong have safely arrived at Four Paws’ Bear Sanctuary in Ninh Binh. Today’s transfer is a result of the owners deciding to give their bears a better life outside the confines of a cage, following in the footsteps of many other ex-bear farmers across the country. In addition […]

ENV’s Latest PSA Encourages Vietnamese Public to Take Action to Ensure Another Pandemic is NEVER AGAIN Possible

Today, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) releases its second “Never Again” Public Service Announcement (PSA). The film portrays life in Vietnam during the Covid-19 shutdown, and encourages the public to take action to ensure another pandemic is never again possible. The PSA begins with familiar scenes during the 2020 pandemic of an eerily empty city, […]

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The Illegal Trade of Endangered Douc Langurs in Vietnam and Across its Borders

An urgent call for action to end the illegal trade of douc langurs (genus Pygathrix) This is an urgent call for action to end the illegal trade of douc langurs (genus Pygathrix). There are three species of douc langur. All are critically endangered: the Red-shanked Douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus); the Grey-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix cinerea); and the Black-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix nigripes). 1. the Red-shanked Douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus)...

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For over 20 years, our small NGO has been combatting Vietnam’s illegal wildlife trade to save countless species from extinction. With your help, we can accelerate an end to trade and consumption of wildlife in Vietnam.