Policy & Legislation

ENV’s Policy and Prosecution team plays a central role in ENV’s strategy to combat wildlife crime. Established in 2008, this team focuses on addressing major conflicts and loopholes in wildlife protection laws, while also working with courts in Vietnam to ensure strict prison sentences for wildlife trafficking criminals.

Since 2008, ENV has helped shape some of the most important wildlife protection laws in Vietnam, including the 2015 Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, and relevant management and administrative punishment decrees relating to wildlife protection such as Decree 26, Decree 06, Decree 35, and Decree 42. Currently, ENV is working with government ministries to formulate a new law aimed at strengthening the management and regulations of wildlife facilities in Vietnam.

The Policy and Prosecution Team also works closely with court authorities across the country to promote the application of Penal Code 2015 in prosecuting wildlife criminals. As part of these efforts, ENV provides authorities with support during their investigation processes and assists them in the correct application of the law. When necessary, ENV also intervenes in the prosecution process to ensure local courts apply the law strictly and appropriately to make sure criminals do not get away with their crimes and to deter future wildlife crime.

In 2020, ENV support to prosecutors and the courts contributed to successful convictions and prison sentences handed down to one or more defendants in 46 cases that ENV had prioritized, while the average prison sentence for wildlife trafficking crimes in 2020 averaged 4.3 years.

ENV’s involvement in the first wildlife trafficking kingpin to be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned in Vietnam


Wildlife Crime Bulletin
Issue 2/2020
Summary of Macaque Crime in Vietnam
January 2010 - May 2020
Prosecution Review of Wildlife Criminal
in Vietnam 2020

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