Knock knock: Keeping and trading illegal wildlife brings negative consequences

Hanoi, November 17, 2023 – Today, Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) released its 56th Public Service Announcement (PSA), titled “Knock Knock.” The PSA aims to raise public awareness about everyday wildlife crimes and the negative consequences associated with these violations. The repetitive “knock, knock” heard throughout the PSA serves as a wake-up call and a reminder that anyone can become culpable for wildlife violations, whether accidentally or intentionally. 

In the PSA, examples of common wildlife crimes are shown through a series of snapshots featuring individuals of different genders, ages, and social statuses. Some of these people seem to be engaged in “normal” daily activities without realizing that they are doing something in violation of the law and might face consequences.

“Actions like using traditional medicine made from wildlife, wearing ivory jewelry, decorating homes with wildlife trophies, keeping macaques as pets, and possessing and selling wild birds on the internet may seem harmless, but in reality, they pose a serious threat to the country’s biodiversity,” said Ms. Nguyen Phuong Dung, Director of Communications at ENV. 

According to data from the ENV Wildlife Crime Incident Tracking System, during the first nine months of 2023, ENV has documented 2,760 wildlife crime cases comprised of 8,661 individual violations. During this same period, more than 2,000 live animals were confiscated, 110 cases resulted in arrests, and of the 145 cases that were criminally prosecuted, 63 cases resulted in prison sentences for one or more of the violators, and more than VND 13.4 billion in fines were issued for advertising, keeping, and trading wildlife.

“Be smart and be aware of the law! Don’t trade, keep, or consume wildlife, as you might face legal consequences,” Ms. Dung warns.


ENV wishes to thank and acknowledge the U.S. Department of State, the Elephant Crisis Fund, and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for their support in producing this PSA and for supporting ENV’s efforts to raise public awareness and reduce illegal consumption and trade of wildlife.


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