Wildlife Trade Reports

Briefing Critical Actions to Tackle the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Vietnam
The Law Enforcement Responsivness Report 2020
Prosecution Review of Wildlife Criminals in Vietnam 2020
Prosecution Review for Wildlife Crime from 2015 to 2020
Summary of Macaque Crime in Vietnam Jan 2010 - May 2020
Consumer Wildlife Crime Reduction campaign 2019 - 2020
Marine Turtle Report 2020
Law Enforcement Responsiveness Report 2020
Marine Turtle Enforcement Report 2019
Wildlife Farming Report 2017
Wildlife Consumption Evaluation Hanoi 2015
Wildlife Consumption Evaluation Ho Chi Minh City 2015
Wildlife Consumption Evaluation Dong Ha 2015
Wildlife Consumption Evaluation Hue 2015
Tiger Farming and Trade 2014
Rhino Horn Smuggler Testimonial 2014
Summary of Tiger Seizures 2006-2013
Tiger Trade Summary 2010
Analysis of Bear Bile Use 2010