First-ever Caracal Confiscated from Illegal Wildlife Trade in Vietnam

ENV has secured the first-ever confiscation of a caracal from Vietnam’s illegal wildlife trade! Caracals are medium-sized carnivorous wild cats indigenous to central Asia and Africa. This caracal was being kept as an illegal exotic “pet” in Hanoi when it was reported to ENV.

The caracal confiscated from the illegal pet trade

The case began when the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline was contacted by a civilian who spotted an adult caracal kept at a residential house in Tay Ho district of Hanoi. The large cat was filmed pacing back and forth on the top floor of the house, prompting our team to contact Hanoi Forest Protection Department immediately. On October 21, 2021, authorities confiscated the wild animal from the owner who had illegally purchased it and transferred the big cat to Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center.

The exotic pet trade is a growing phenomenon, worldwide and in Vietnam, popularized by social media. ENV has seen this trend increasing in recent years, but this case is a great example of authorities taking action against the exploitation of exotic species for the illegal pet trade. We are extremely grateful to the informant and the fast-acting authorities for coordinating with ENV to make the confiscation of this illegal wildlife possible!

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