Report Wildlife Crime in Vietnam

Report by Telephone

Is this an emergency?

If the information you are providing is time sensitive such as live animals being transported or for sale on the street, please immediately contact our National Wildlife Crime Hotline at 1800-1522.

Please be aware the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline operates during ENV office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm (Vietnam time)

Report by Online Form

Please read this notice before submitting a wildlife crime report.

1. ENV only handles wildlife crime cases involved in Vietnam’s illegal wildlife trade. Please continue to use this form if one or more of the below statements are true.
          a. The wildlife violation is occurring within Vietnam
          b. You have information about wildlife/wildlife products being smuggled into Vietnam
          c. You have a live wild animal to voluntarily transfer to authorities

2. ENV receives a growing amount of wildlife crimes reported to our small team every day. To be as effective as possible in coordinating a law enforcement response to your report, please understand our team cannot communicate in detail with you throughout the process. ENV will contact you if we need additional information, and at the conclusion of the case we will update you on the result of your report.

3. If you have previously already reported this crime to ENV, please do not continue to report using this form. Please contact the Case Officer who has emailed or called you following your original report of this crime.

Informant contact information
All informant information is strictly confidential and not shared with anyone outside ENV. 
Wildlife crime information
Option 1: Online wildlife violation
Examples include: Facebook page or group, Youtube video, website, or other online advertising of wildlife
Option 2: Physical location of wildlife crime
Examples include: Advertising wildlife on signboards or menus. Keeping or selling live wild animals in restaurants, markets, or anywhere else. Selling wildlife traditional medicine, wildlife wines, or parts and products (e.g. decorations, trophies, or jewelry) made from wildlife.
Remember! If your case is time sensitive, immediately call our hotline at 1800-1522
Option 3: Voluntary transfer of live wildlife
If you are reporting this during Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, please call our team directly at 1800-1522

How You Can Help

We are a small Vietnamese non-governmental organization leading the fight against illegal wildlife trade, trafficking, and consumption. For more than 20 years, achievements to end Vietnam’s illegal wildlife trade have been possible thanks to donors who support creative, strategic, and decisive actions that protect wildlife in the short term and long term. Your support is crucial to continuing these efforts and safeguarding a sustainable future for wildlife, both in Vietnam and globally.


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