First-ever wildlife travel guide launched in partnership with Where in Vietnam

On Wednesday, August 31st, Where in Vietnam (WIV), in cooperation with Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV), released a new Vietnam Wildlife Guide to provide tourists and expats with the top spots to safely observe nature and Vietnam’s wild animals. Make your trip more meaningful by tapping into the often-overlooked biodiversity that Vietnam has to offer! It also offers guidance on what to do if you see captive wildlife or wildlife being illegally sold on your travels.

Sadly, when putting ‘wildlife’ and ‘Vietnam’ together, thoughts may wander to how the country is a big player in the global illegal wildlife trade. However, this glosses over the beautifully diverse wildlife that Vietnam is still home to, which need immediate attention and protection.

The goal of this guide is to elevate the importance of Vietnam’s wildlife amongst the global community, emboldening efforts to preserve and protect Vietnam’s biodiversity before it’s too late.

WIV realized the need for wildlife protection in Vietnam, after their founder contacted the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline herself. She had spotted a macaque being kept in a motorbike repair shop in Hanoi and wasn’t sure if anything could be done. Nevertheless, she took action by finding our hotline and making the report. Within 3 days the macaque was transferred and rehomed to a wildlife rescue center. From there, our partnership began!

WIV’s admirable hard work has resulted in a detailed and visual 27-page guide featuring:

  • 9 must-see national parks and nature reserves in Vietnam
  • 4 of the top wildlife rescue centers and sanctuaries to visit and support
  • Details on 26 species, and where many of them can be spotted in the wild
  • How to be a mindful tourist around wildlife
  • Action to take if you see captive wildlife, wildlife products or a situation that doesn’t seem right

Not only will this guide provide you with the knowledge for a one-of-a-kind visit getting to know the wild side of Vietnam, but all proceeds from the guide will be donated to ENV! All donations will go straight towards funding ENV’s projects to fight wildlife crime, offering law enforcement support, strengthening policy and legislation, and raising awareness on wildlife protection amongst the Vietnamese public.

You can purchase the guide at your own price here.

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The ENV team sincerely thanks WIV for their incredible generosity, diligence, and support of ENV’s mission to protect wildlife. We hope you enjoy all that this guide has to offer and feel inspired to venture into Vietnam’s natural landscapes and make unforgettable memories!


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