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Meet Dương, just one of the many animals who needs your help.

Dương is a critically endangered white-cheeked gibbon.

At a young age, Dương was taken away from her family by poachers. Her parents probably fought hard to release her from human grasp, and may have even been killed in the process. After being kidnapped, Dương was sold into the illegal pet trade to the highest bidder.

For years, this beautiful creature suffered at the hands of humans.

Caged away from her natural home in the forest canopies, her once daily routine of swinging from branch to branch and gliding across the forest in search of fruit, leaves, and insects became a repetitive prison, where she was poked and prodded for entertainment and fed food she was never meant to eat. Tormented day after day for so many years, and with nowhere to hide, Dương started to anxiously rub the hair off her arms and legs as a reaction to stress and depression.

Thankfully, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel for Dương on May 7, 2020, when a good person saw her suffering and reported it to ENV’s Wildlife Crime Hotline. The next day, on May 8th, she was given a second chance to live in peace at Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center (HWRC).

Dương’s long-term contact with humans means she can never be returned to the forest treetops she was taken from. This devastating reality rings true for most of the wildlife at HWRC. The day they are removed from the wild, marks the point of no return. Either they die within the wildlife trade, or they are saved in the nick of time and given a second chance to live free from human threat within the safety of a rescue center like HWRC.

At HWRC, dozens of species and hundreds of animals have been saved before their last breath, and more continue to be rescued each day. Tigers, bears, pangolins, macaques, endangered turtles, protected bird species, otters, leopard cats, and gibbons like Dương are finally free from danger, but they need your help to thrive in their new residence.

The wonderful people at HWRC are committed to giving these animals the life they deserve, but the rescue center’s limited resources could impact their ability to provide the food and enclosure enrichment needed to ensure the next chapter of their life is better than the previous. With your help, HWRC can make sure that Dương and the hundreds of rescued wild animals in their care never go without.

  • For $10, you can feed all the gibbons at HWRC for a day, providing a nourishing meal that will help their bodies heal from years of abuse.
  • For $20, you can contribute to building an aviary for the many birds that need more space to spread their wings and fly.
  • For $50, you can provide environment enrichment, giving primates and big cats the chance to climb and play.
  • For $100, you can cover one month of health checks for animals suffering from stress or disease caused by long-term inadequate care.

100% of donations will go directly to wildlife care at Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center

All donated money goes directly to support these animals, either to their food, living environment or medicine. Every donation counts, and your generosity towards wild animals who narrowly escaped the wildlife trade will make an impact on so many healing hearts.

Thank you from Dương, the dedicated team at Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center, and the family of wild animals in their safekeeping. Thank you for giving rescued wild animals a healthy and happy life in their new forever home.


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