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Unsuccessful Sea Turtle Rescue

On the morning of May 9 Vietnamese Border Guard officers boarded a boat off the coast of central Vietnam, near Ly Son Island. Upon searching the vessel the officers found a 60Kg Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) hidden in a box. The turtle was in poor health due to its cramped confinement.

Vietnam and South Africa sign biodiversity action plan

The fight against the illegal wildlife trade took another step forward in Pretoria on Monday, as Vietnam and South Africa signed an action plan to implement a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on biodiversity conservation and protection.

2Kg of suspected rhino horn seized at Hanoi airport

Vietnamese customs officers have transferred three people to police custody after finding 2.15Kg of suspected rhino horn hidden in their luggage. This finding comes three days after more than 7Kg of rhino horns were seized at the Ho Chi Minh City airport. 

Hanoi police confiscate dead leopard painted like tiger

  On April 17th, Hanoi Police confiscated what was initially reported to be a tiger from a vehicle in Hanoi. However, when the animal arrived at the National Museum of Natural History that afternoon, scientists from Vietnam’s chief scientific institution identified the “tiger” as a leopard, poorly painted to resemble a tiger.  

Who protects illegal tiger farming?

  A tiger raiser in Nghe An disclosed to VietNamNet that he bought baby tigers from Ha Tinh. Besides Do Thanh commune, other neighboring communes also breed tigers. This man also answered the question why local people could raise tigers for a year and sold them without being exposed by any government agency.  

Stash for rhino horn fine R300K

  A Vietnamese man has been fined R300 000 for the illegal possession of five rhino horns worth an estimated R6.8 million in Asia, it was reported on Wednesday.  


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