Dramatic rescue of elephant trapped in poacher’s snare

In Vietnam’s Dak Lak province, a young 800Kg male elephant spent several days with his trunk caught in a poacher’s snare before authorities could execute a complex rescue operation, involving domestic elephants, veterinarians, and numerous rangers. 


Photo courtesy of VietnamNet.

Rescue efforts were complicated by the elephant’s remote location, the trapped animal’s anger, and the need to send to Ho Chi Minh City for a tranquilizer gun.

Rangers used domesticated elephants to calm the trapped animal before partially sedating it. Upon freeing the elephant, it fled into the forest. This began a pursuit that lasted for several days, as rangers needed to treat the elephant for potentially fatal gangrene caused by the snare.

On May 14 the elephant was located approximately one kilometer from the Sre Pork Forest ranger station. It is being cared for by veterinarians from Ho Chi Minh City Zoo, and will be released when treatment is complete.

Source: VietnamNet

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