It’s not just young people who care about wildlife: university lecturers join ENV’s volunteer network

ENV has found that the support of the faculties at the universities ENV cooperates with is key in ensuring a successful program; if the lecturers promote and attend the program, many more students also participate. However, one lecturer, Ms Nga at Binh Duong University in southern Vietnam, has taken her commitment to wildlife protection one step further, as she is the first lecturer to become a volunteer club team leader. 


April23-Binh Duong vol club


Together with the students, she has worked to organize several successful exhibits since the establishment of the club just 2 months ago. Yesterday, they held another bear exhibit at a university which attracted hundreds of people, not least because Ms Nga also persuaded many lecturers in the university to participate and motivate their students attend the exhibit. In just one morning, 2067 people pledged to “Say no to bear bile” – the neighboring club in Ho Chi Minh City even had to send more pledge cards as they ran out so quickly! 533 people also shared their ideas about the various threats to bears in Vietnam, and 54 new volunteers joined the ENV Volunteer Network. We will encourage many other lecturers to take inspiration from Ms Nga and join ENV in our fight for wildlife protection.


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