Vietnam Fatherland Front demonstrates commitment to wildlife

The Vietnam Fatherland Front is an integral part of the political system of Vietnam, holding a very important role in terms of social and political unity, social development and national defense. It is seen as the main organization which represents the people and encourages the participation and mobilization of the public in social, political and spiritual affairs. The agency itself receives many visitors, both important figures and the general public, every day.


April 25-Vietnam Fatherland Front demonstrates commitment to wildlife


Recognizing the importance of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, this organization has become a key target for ENV’s government initiative. Whilst it was not easy for ENV to secure their cooperation, our persistence has finally paid off and this week we were able to display our wildlife board in the office. This is a great way to not only raise the awareness of government officers and visitors to Vietnam Father land Front about the importance of wildlife protection, but also to send a strong message out that Vietnam as a nation must stand up and work together to save it’s unique biodiversity before it is too late.


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