Wildlife violations reduced by an average of 52% in five districts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

The initial results of ENV’s consumer crime reduction campaign in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) have shown promising progress in the reduction of wildlife trade violations: in five districts (Dong Da district in Hanoi and four districts in Ho Chi Minh city) where both initial and follow-up surveys have been completed, violations have reduced by an average of 52%. Actual reductions in HCMC ranged from a low 32% in one district to a high of 61% in another. The single Hanoi district surveyed so far demonstrated a 59% reduction in consumer crimes. These small victories continue to spur ENV on in our continuing fight against the wildlife trade. 


The campaign is one of the most important activities conducted by ENV in order to deal with wildlife crimes in restaurants, bars, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shops, pet shops and markets. Beginning in 2013, initial surveys were followed by the notification of the authorities of all violations within their jurisdiction. After a certain time following these notifications, violating establishments are re-checked to evaluate the percentage of wildlife violation reduction and the corresponding local authorities’ effectiveness at addressing crimes. A ‘report card’ for each district and city is also produced and issued to the relevant agencies, showing their results in comparison to other areas. This strategy not only allows ENV to directly tackle specific crimes and identify target areas, but also motivates the authorities to improve their own performance in tackling wildlife violations.

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