Say NO to rhino horn’ message included in famous holiday TV show this year

ENV Rhino Ambassador Xuan Bac, a famous comedian who also took part in ENVs delegation to South Africa in 2013, encourages the Vietnamese public to say “no” to rhino horn on the Tao Quan festive TV show this week.


Feb1-Tao quan


Every year, most (if not all) Vietnamese people around the country look forward to watching the Tao Quan Gala during the Lunar New Year celebrations; the show is extremely popular because it is very unconventional compared to most TV programs in Vietnam, humorously covering many critical social and economic issues that have occurred over the past year. Xuan Bac (right in blue) has played a major role in the show over the years, and this year he has managed to integrate our important message to the public that “rhino horn is not a social status symbol nor a magic medicine” during the early part of the program. ENV sends a big “Thank you” to Xuan Bac for his continuous efforts in protecting rhinos by persuading other Vietnamese people to not use rhino horn.


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