Awareness raising activities to protect endangered primates from local students at Da Nang University of Education

The newly released “Green future calendar 2014” which has been created by a group of students from Da Nang University of Education, aims to raise money for charity purposes.



Green future calendar



The calendar was innovatively initiated when the students participated in the primate protection program at Kon Ka Kinh National Park (Gia Lai province). Endangered primates living in the central Vietnam and the Central Highland region including gray-shanked douc langurs, red-shanked douc langur, yellow-cheeked gibbon were featured in the calendar. 

ENV’s national toll-free hotline 1800 1522 was also included to encourage local people to report wildlife crimes. Our hotline has helped numerous wilds animals to be rescued whilst exposing many wildlife trafficking networks. To date ENV has recorded over 5,700 cases in our systems.


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