Grave news: 919 rhinos so far in 2013 poached

According to the Department of Environmental Affairs South Africa, as of the first week of December, the number of rhinos poached for horns rose to staggering 919.


Dec16-Grave news 919 rhinos so far in 2013 poached



Like previous years, South African National Parks are still major targets where most hunting occurs (560 rhinos hunted). This is a clear indicator that rhinos are on the verge of extinction and now the South African government has been taken extreme measures to reduce wild rhinos poaching. This year, 316 suspected poachers have been arrested with an increase of 49 arrests in comparison to 2012.

It is necessary to realize that fighting for rhinos is a two – front war, which means we not only prevent illegal poaching but also raise public awareness to reduce rhino horn consumption. As Vietnam is considered as one of the largest markets for rhino horns, ENV has been conducted numerous awareness raising activities such as university talks, rhino exhibits, rhino PSAs and other activities. Check the link to watch three of our released rhino PSAs!


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