Another case of health deterioration from wildlife use habit

Vietnamese news on reports that a man was hospitalized after using tiger patella. Believing in the rumors that tiger patella helps reduce bone tension and improve man’s potency, the man bought a pair of tiger kneecaps at the price of more than one hundred million dong (nearly $5,000), He grinded the bone into powder to mix with water or wine for drink. However, he became increasingly fatigued, lost his appetite and was diagnosed with renal failure.


Oct30-Another case of health deterioration from wildlife use habit

Recently, the Center of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Bach Mai hospital has received many cases of allergic reaction and liver and renal failure after using wildlife products. Doctor Nguyen Xuan Huong, Chairman of Traditional Medicine Association of Vietnam warned that drinking tiger patella powder is the culprit of liver and kidney disease. This example is a serious warning of the consequences of using wildlife products to cure ailments. 

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