Ambulance caught trafficking pangolins in Phu Yen province

Vietnamese news on reports that last week, Phu Yen authorities exposed a major pangolin trafficking case. Local traffic police tried to intercept a suspicious ambulance travelling north from Ho Chi Minh City, but the driver fled. Police gave chase and caught him, discovering 49 live pangolins inside the vehicle and confiscating them. The trafficker had used fake registration plates in an attempt to avoid detection and arrest.


Oct23-ambulance caught trafficking pangolins in Phu Yen province

This is not the first time criminals have used an ambulance with fake registration plates to traffic wildlife, but it is one of the only times authorities have managed to catch them red-handed. Back in August, Dong Nai police stopped an ambulance with suspected illegal wildlife cargo, but authorities were unable to expose the trafficking until now. This case again highlights the tricky tactics used by traffickers to evade detection and arrest.

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