Rhino poaching death toll hits 704 in South Africa for this year alone

The South African Government reports that 704 of the country’s rhinos have now been killed by poachers since January this year, far exceeding the record of 668 in 2012. If this situation is not curbed, more than 800 rhinos may be dead by the end of December.


Oct3-rhino poaching update
Photo courtesy of Doan Hoang: Vietnamese delegates at a rhino crime scene in South Africa

The increasing demand for rhino horn in East Asian markets such as China and Vietnam is driving the rhino massacre in South Africa.

News of this dire death toll highlights the importance and urgency of efforts by ENV and its partner organizations (such as the Rhinose Foundation) to stem demand for the illegal product. Following the recent Vietnamese delegation visit, we are pleased to report that extensive coverage of the crisis is continuing in Vietnam, with our delegates continuing to appear on multiple Vietnamese talk shows, in interviews, and at numerous events to emphasize to Vietnamese people from all walks of life that they must say NO to rhino horn. 


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