Police uncover 261 kilograms of pangolins being trafficked in Quang Ninh

Vietnamese news on xaluan.com has reported that local police in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province stopped a car two days ago and uncovered more than 261 kilograms of live pangolins. While the suspect managed to flee the scene, he left all the pangolins behind. Authorities confiscated them for further investigation and are continuing to pursue the suspect and his accomplices.


Oct3-261 kg of pangolin


It’s good to see the Quang Ninh authorities sticking to their mission to stamp out trafficking in the province, which shares a border with China.

While Asia and Africa are home to several different pangolin species, their numbers are declining largely because of hunting. Biologically, female pangolins give birth to just one offspring per year. Many countries have issued laws to prohibit or limit the exploitation, trafficking, collection and use of pangolins, including Vietnam, where they are illegally traded for consumption in traditional medicine and food.


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