Vietnamese CEO takes charge on wildlife protection

Last week, Vietnamese news on reported that a white-cheeked gibbon had died of electric shock after coming into contact with un-insulated power lines in Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park. Many other animals are understood to have met the same fate over the years. After hearing the story, the General Director of EVN Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) decided to spend billions of Vietnamese dong to fix the electricity lines so that no more animals would die the same way. 


Oct2-Vietnamese CEO takes charge on wildlife protection

Local residents and the leaders of the National Park were very happy to hear this news. “EVNSPC’s swift action shows the electricity industry is willing to help take responsibility for the protection of Vietnamese wildlife, which is a great encouragement for conservationists like us. We know that we are not alone!” said a national park representative.

Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park is located in Tay Ninh province, the transition point between Vietnam’s Central Highlands and the South East. It is home to 696 species of plants and 415 species of wildlife.

Photo courtesy of EVNSPC


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