Covid-19: Protect your health- DON’T consume wildlife

In response to the current pandemic affecting countries and economies across the globe, ENV has released a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) in Vietnam to highlight the health risks of wildlife consumption. The objective of the PSA is to mitigate further risk of zoonotic outbreak and accelerate an end to the sale and consumption of wildlife.

The Covid-19 PSA illustrates the origin of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, following the rapid spread of infected individuals from December 2019 to April 2020.

The film further emphasizes the fact that Covid-19, SARS, and H5N1 all originated from wildlife.

At the film’s conclusion, the audience is advised to reject wildlife consumption and report any information relating to the advertisement, possession, transportation, killing, sale, or consumption of wildlife to ENV’s Wildlife Crime Hotline.

The Covid-19 PSA has been distributed to television stations across Vietnam, airing on the major national TV channels and news shows. Distribution will include up to 60 additional TV channels throughout the country with the aim of reaching the largest segment of the population possible and drawing a direct link in the minds of our audience between consumption of wildlife and the risks to human health.

In addition to the national Covid-19 PSA, ENV has launched corresponding media campaigns to further imbed the message that wildlife consumption endangers everyone. Goldsun Focus Media has partnered with ENV to display our Covid-19 messages on over 1,300 LCD screens in buildings throughout Vietnam, resulting in 7.4 million impressions per day.


Left: “70% of infectious diseases are transmitted from animals to humans. Don’t consume wildlife to avoid health risks”

Right: “Wildlife consumption leads to unpredictable risks. Don’t risk the health of yourself, your family, and society

The new PSA will be broadcast on both national and provincial TV channels throughout Vietnam in the coming months. Viewers can also watch it online on ENV’s YouTube Channel.

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