Nomination call for National Awards

At the end of 2019, Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) will host Vietnam’s third Outstanding Achievement Awards for Wildlife Protection event in Hanoi.

The awards provide an ideal opportunity to recognize and honor those representatives of law enforcement agencies, the courts and procuracies, as well as some of the agencies they work for that have made important contributions to the protection of Vietnam’s wildlife.

Nominations may be submitted by anyone including the nominees themselves. The judging panel will include representatives from some relevant government agencies, foreign embassies and from within the conservation community.

Award Categories:

1. Outstanding Enforcement Officer Award: Up to three awards will be given to professionals from law enforcement agencies that directly handle cases involving enforcement of wildlife protection laws or regulations. Suggested nominees may include Environmental Police officers, Forest Rangers from provincial and protected area enforcement teams, Customs officers, border police, Fisheries officers, and other members of the law enforcement community with a proven track record in protecting wildlife.

2. Outstanding Judge Award: One award will be given to a judge who issued verdict(s) have shown to have positively impacted the judiciary system, and strengthen the protection of wildlife.

3. Outstanding Prosecutor Award: One award will be given to a prosecutor who has made a significant contribution in efforts to prosecute wildlife traffickers resulting in verdict(s) that have positively impacted the judiciary system, and strengthen the protection of wildlife.

4. Outstanding Agency Award: Up to three awards will be given to government agencies (including Courts, Procuracies, Police Departments, FPDs, Customs or Fisheries Departments) which have contributed substantially through their efforts to strengthening wildlife protection in Vietnam.

5. Kingpin Award: This award will be given to an individual or group of individuals (from multiple agencies) that through their combined efforts, have had the greatest impact on efforts to target, investigate, arrest, prosecute, and imprison the leadership of a criminal network, and in doing so, have had the greatest impact overall on the protection of critically endangered wildlife globally.

Call for nominations

The nomination process will begin on March 1, 2019.

Nominations may be submitted by anyone, including the nominee themselves. The process for submitting a nomination is as follows:

• Step 1: Review the criteria at the end of this document
• Step 2: Complete the application form
• Step 3: Submit the nomination by post or email

A copy of the nomination form can be 2019-National-Award-Package

Completed nominations should be sent directly by email or post to

Education for Nature-Vietnam
National Wildlife Protection Award
P.O Box 222
Hanoi, Vietnam

o Email:
o Title: Giải thưởng Cống hiến về bảo vệ ĐVHD

Nomination deadline: The deadline for nominations is April 29 2019 after which no new nominations will be accepted.

Announcement of awards: An award ceremony will be hosted in Hanoi at the end of 2019. Award winners will be notified by ENV by early July 2019. The exact date and location of the award ceremony will also be announced in mid-November 2019.

Nomination review process
Selection will be based on the highest standards of performance. The winning candidates will be selected competitively based on the following process:

Initial screening
ENV and representatives of the panel of judges will conduct a review of all nominations and produce a short-list comprised of candidates who meet the required criteria.

Review by judging panel
A panel of judges will review short-listed nominations and associated materials and select winners based on a majority vote for each category.

Panel of judges
The panel of judges includes representatives from the following institutions.
• Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)
• Relevant ministries
• Some national and international conservation organizations
• Foreign embassies

Award winners
The award winners will be notified by phone and written announcement in early July 2019. They will be formally invited to the award ceremony which will take place near the end of 2019 in Hanoi. Award winners will be required to work closely with ENV to collect photos or video footage and other supplementing materials to help prepare for the award ceremony.

Contact: Policy department at +84 246281 5427 or 0865 242 882

Email: for further information.

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