ENV never misses even one small wildlife crime case

On September 18, 2013, ENV received a report that a signboard advertising bear bile was hanging from a streetlight in Vong Thi street, Hanoi. ENV staff made a call to the number on the sign to talk to the person responsible, who admitted that he had placed bear bile signboards all over Hanoi, but that he no longer sold the bear bile. He was contacted many times and told to remove the signs, however he was uncooperative. 


April10-ENV never misses even one small wildlife crime case


As ENV is determined to stop illegal advertisements, ENV staff took it upon themselves to remove the offending signboard themselves.


Although it is a small act, it highlights the commitment of our staff to ensuring our cases have a successful outcome, and our belief that every little action can help to stop the sale and consumption of bear bile.


Case ref no: 5406


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