Bear farming hotspot campaign update: working with the local community to put pressure on bear bile farmers

ENV continues to target Phuc Tho district, a bear farming ‘hotspot’ with a high concentration of bear farms, with various innovative strategies, such as contacting the bear farmers themselves and working in the schools of the children of the farmers, to end bear bile farming in the area.


March25-bear farming hotspot


On this most recent trip, ENV’s Bear Team visited and delivered information to 83 neighbors of 41 bear farms in Phuc Tho, in order to mobilize the community to put more pressure on bear farmers to stop their illegal activities. We left Phuc Tho encouraged that the local people will now work harder to put an end to bear bile farming in their neighborhood, as about 50 out of the 83 people we met said that they don’t use bear bile, don’t believe in its medical values, and support the end of bear farming in their local area.


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