Vietnamese presenters and journalists commit to not use wildlife products

March is an important month for young people in Vietnam, as the 26th is National Youth Day. To celebrate, young Vietnamese people take part in lots of activities that contribute to society.


Doan thanh nien dai truyen hinh VN cam ket noi KHONG voi DVHD 3


On March 19, ENV and The Youth Association of Vietnam Television co-hosted a seminar for over 40 journalists and TV presenters. Over the course of the afternoon, ENV raised many issues concerning wildlife in Vietnam, generated discussions about ways that Vietnamese celebrities can make a difference, and encouraged the participants to sign a pledge to protect wildlife.

This was a great opportunity for ENV to build up our media network and work with those that can help us to better deliver our message to the public, and motivate the nation to take action to save Vietnam’s precious diversity.








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