ENV’s volunteers help display ‘Say no to wildlife products’ banners in Vinh

The further we spread the “Say no to wildlife products” message, the better. One of ENV’s goals this year is to expand our reach across Vietnam, to help more people understand the importance of wildlife and stop using wildlife products. But how will ENV be able to hang up those banners all over Vietnam, especially when they need be replaced every two months?


March12-ENVs volunteers help display Say no to wildlife products banners in Vinh


Continuing with the success in spreading our message in nearly 70 markets and 40 government agencies in the three main cities in Vietnam (Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City), ENV succeeded in replacing the “Say no to wildlife product“ banners and display boards in Vinh City (Nghe An province, in the centre of Vietnam), with the help of our dedicated volunteers. Our message was displayed in local markets and government agencies in order to urge both the general public and government staff to cease wildlife consumption and encourage them to report wildlife crimes to the relevant authorities or the ENV hotline. The volunteers in Vinh, together with ENV, will also organize many activities in the future to change the public’s attitude towards wildlife products in their area.


ENV’s volunteer network continues to grow and with their help we will be successful in having a nationwide impact.


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