Enlightened fishermen help to release sea turtle back into the wild

Vietnamese news on nhandan.com,vn reports that last Friday, a sea turtle in Thua Thien Hue province was successfully released into the wild as a result of the actions of some fishermen who were well informed about wildlife protection.


March10-Enlightened fishermen help to release sea turtle back into the wild


Whilst out fishing, they found the turtle washed ashore with some scratches on its left fin. Bringing the animal home to take care of it, they immediately informed the local authorities, and persistently refused the offers of others who wanted to buy it, no matter how much money was offered. Later that afternoon, in cooperation with the Department of Fisheries Resources Exploitation and Protection in Thua Thien Hue, the local authorities successfully released the sea turtle, which has been identified by ENV as a green sea turtle.


It is encouraging to see members of the general public willing to show their respect for wildlife and protect an animal, rather than profit from it’s discovery.


Photo courtesy of nhandan.com.vn



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