Langur released into the wild: wildlife crime-fighting teacher continues to make a difference in central Vietnam

Last Friday, a grey-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix cinerea) was returned to the wild after the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre (EPRC) advised that it was healthy enough to be released.


March4-Langur released into the wild


The langur, which was being kept in captivity in Kon Tum, a remote part of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, was reported to ENV (who duly contacted the EPRC) by a teacher who works hard for wildlife protection in this region; back in September 2013 the same man convinced a group of poachers to voluntarily give up another langur in order for it to be released, and he also works to reduce the demand for wildlife in his home town by hanging an ENV wildlife protection banner in front of his house for all to see.


With the support of ENV’s dedicated advocates and our expanding program in central Vietnam, we are ensuring that wildlife protection becomes a priority not only in the main cities in Vietnam but also in more remote communities.


Case ref no: 6381


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