40 kilograms of wildlife bone found at Noi Bai airport

Vietnamese news on xahoi.com.vn reports that on January 8, Hanoi Customs at Noi Bai international airport and local police discovered a major wildlife trafficking case. While checking parcels of cigarettes and seeds in the flight from Russia to Vietnam, they found 40 kilograms of wildlife bones, suspected to be from tigers. The bones were confiscated for further investigation. 


Jan23-40 kilograms of wildlife bone found at Noi Bai airport

Some Asian communities believe that glue made from tiger bones is a ‘magic medicine’ which can cure many fatal diseases, despite the lack of scientific proof of this belief. This is why a large amount of tiger bone is trafficked into and out of such countries every year, and is also one of the reasons tigers both in Vietnam and worldwide are currently pushed to the brink of extinction. ENV continues to work to reduce the demand for tiger products by educating the Vietnamese public about the issues, supporting the authorities in combating tiger-related crimes, and working with policy decision-makers to ensure legislation is working in the interests of these majestic animals. 

Photo courtesy of xahoi.com.vn



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