Bear exhibits in Phuc Tho district

On December 25th and 26th, ENV conducted awareness raising activities in Phuc Tho district, a bear farming hotspot on the outskirts of Hanoi. Using our new event format which allows participants to get more involved in the programs, the two exhibits in Gach market and Phung Thuong market attracted a lot of local residents who came to learn about bears, whilst also giving us their thoughts and feedback.


Market exhibit at Gach market on Dec 25 2013 ENV-R 6


Exhibit at Gach market


Market exhibit at Phung Thuong on Dec 26 2013 ENV-R 1


Market exhibit at Phung Thuong on Dec 26 2013 ENV-R 11


A student from Ngoc Tao high school was eager to share his story with ENV, telling us that, “There are many bear farms near my house. My parents used to have one, but after experiencing a series of awareness raising activities, we understood that bear farming for bile is illegal and cruel. We therefore ended this business in March 2013.”

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