Sixteen wildlife skeletons confiscated in Ha Tinh province

In the last fortnight, two wildlife trafficking cases have been discovered in Ha Tinh province. At the end of last month, we told you about the achievements of local police in capturing a bus travelling north, which was trafficking 25 pangolins. It is now also reported on that last week, Ha Tinh police have uncovered another wildlife trafficking case. 


Nov20-16 wildlife skeletons confiscated in Ha Tinh province


This time, the authorities discovered 16 dried wildlife skeletons when they intercepted a speeding car. The trafficker was arrested and all the skeletons were confiscated for further investigation. This case once again shows that the battle against the wildlife trade in Vietnam is still ongoing, but also positively highlights the fact that successful efforts are being made by the local authorities in preventing the smuggling and trafficking of wildlife products.

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