What has one of Vietnam’s top celebrities got to say about the international rhino crisis?

“Setting foot in South Africa has been a dream of mine since I was a child… now it has come true. This is a golden chance for me to directly observe rhinos in their natural environment. It’s regretful that we lost our last rhino in 2010. Let’s lend a hand to protect rhinos. You people who grind rhino horn in the hope that it is a magical medicine must stop! You are being fooled and wasting your money, which goes only to greedy smugglers,” said Xuân Bắc to his more than 520,000 Facebook fans.


Sep12-Xuan Bac with South Africa friends

As those who’ve liked our Facebook page already know, Xuân Bắc is currently visiting South Africa as part of a Vietnamese delegation that also includes a key Vietnamese National Assembly member, a well-known journalist and a senior environmental police officer. They are directly observing the impacts of the international trade – just like our page to hear more as their visit unfolds. It’s brilliant to have Xuân Bắc getting these crucial messages out to his many fans and, hopefully, influencing opinions and behavior.


Photo courtesy of Rhinose Foundation



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