Wildlife traffickers continue tricky tactics to evade authorities

This week Ha Tinh customs authorities stopped a man suspected of trafficking wildlife by motorbike on the way from the Cau Treo international border zone to the central city of Ha Tinh province. The driver managed to flee the scene but left behind his haul, which included more than 70 turtles.


Sep5-wildlife traffickers continue tricky tactics to evade authorities

To maximize the huge potential profits from the illegal wildlife trade, smugglers use many sophisticated tactics to avoid arrest. They often divide the goods into smaller parts for transport by motorbike, allowing the drivers to drop the goods and escape immediately if they are intercepted. This not only allows smugglers to avoid capture but also limits the amount of illegal goods they stand to lose if they are stopped by authorities.

Ha Tinh province is a hotspot for wildlife smuggling in Vietnam and it is a continuous challenge for local authorities to reduce and prevent illegal trade within the province. 

Photo courtesy of Ha Tinh Customs


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