When September comes

The numbers are just in for September and they make for healthy reading. A big thank you is due to the members of the public who used our toll-free wildlife crime hotline to report these violations.

Here is a breakdown our ENV’s September:

18 – live animals confiscated, comprising two otters, a python, seven macaques, two squirrels, six turtles (three elongated tortoises, three Malayan snail-eating turtles).

9 – live animals transferred voluntarily, comprising a pangolin, a loris, an eagle, an otter, and five macaques.

4 – wildlife products confiscated, comprising two bear paws, a wine jar containing langur paws, and 200 gm of langur TCM

2 – subjects arrested as a result of sting operations.

In other ‘highlights’ ENV’s wildlife crime unit had 55 violating posts removed and three Facebook accounts of illegal wildlife traders closed down. A bear bile signboard was removed in Ha Tinh and a violation on a menu in Lao Cai was removed.

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