Tiger Kingpin Gets Jailtime

Following the seizure of seven dead tiger cubs in July 2019, ENV congratulated Hanoi Police for their success on Voice of Vietnam radio show. However, ENV noted that prison time was necessary to deter future wildlife traffickers and teach current traffickers that the law will catch up to them. ENV advocated for the highest bracket of prison time for wildlife crime, 10-15 years imprisonment, based on the heinous nature of the crime and endangered status of tigers. on the Vietnamese legal system to prosecuted tiger kingpin, Nguyen Huu Hue, and his accomplices to the full extent of the law, up to 15 years imprisonment.

On January 15, 2020, the Vietnamese legal system prosecuted tiger kingpin Nguyen Huu Hue and sentenced him to six years in prison! His accomplices each received five years in prison for their participation.

According to the police, Nguyen Huu Hue has been leading the tiger trade throughout Vietnam for many years. Now, not only has his trafficking network been shut down, but with the prison sentence more wildlife traffickers will be discouraged to continue their illegal activity.

ENV was hoping for longer prison sentences, however, we are happy to see money could not buy these criminals out of prison time.

(Image credit: baomoi.com)
EN language newspaper report of the tiger cub seizure

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