Backwards in time

ENV today released a new Public Service Announcement video, entitled Backwards in Time, which takes viewers on a reverse journey to highlight to consumers exactly where bear bile originates.

The video traces the path of a vial of bear bile from end-user all the way back to the bear farm and the cruel and illegal process of bear bile extraction. Opening with a mother giving her daughter bear bile to treat a bruise, the PSA video takes viewers along every step of the way, from the girl’s home to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shop where the bear bile is purchased, and finally back to the bear farm where the bile is extracted.

“If there is no demand for bear bile, there is no reason for private citizens to keep bears,” says ENV Vice Director Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung. “We will continue to encourage bear owners to surrender their bears and give them a better life at one of Vietnam’s three international gold standard rescue centers.”

Dung noted that most Vietnamese are now turning their backs on bear bile consumption in favor of scientifically proven modern medicines that are more effective, readily accessible, and inexpensive.

Find out more about our bear program in Vietnam on our Prison Break Bears appeal page.

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