Diva Hong Nhung urges the Vietnamese public not to consume rhino horn, to help stop the killing of rhinos in South Africa

Hanoi, November 5, 2014, Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has released its latest public service announcement (PSA), featuring diva Hong Nhung urging the public not to consume rhino horn to help stop the killing of rhinos in South Africa.


Hong Nhung keu goi cong dong chung tay cham dut nan tham sat te giac 2



During a fact-finding mission in South Africa in September 2014, Hong Nhung and other members of the Vietnamese delegation witnessed first-hand the crisis facing South Africa’s rhinos. The daily massacre of the critically endangered animals continues to be fueled by consumer demand for rhino horn in Vietnam and other countries. Rhino horn is mainly used as a status symbol, and is also considered a magic medicine to cure various ailments and even cancer.

 Can canh xac ca the te giac xau so ENV



During the trip, Hong Nhung visited Kruger National Park, which has already lost at least 581 rhinos so far this year. Sadly, yet tragically unsurprisingly, the group discovered another victim of rhino poaching right in the heart of the park. The new PSA documents the discovery of the rhino by Hong Nhung and the team; bloated and bloody with its horn and ear hacked off (to prove the authenticity of the horn), the majestic animal has been left to rot by a stream. Struck by the brutality of the scene and now fully understanding the reality of the rhino horn trade, diva Hong Nhung sends an urgent message to the Vietnamese public, encouraging them not to use rhino horn.


“Every day, 3 rhinos are slaughtered in South Africa to meet the consumer demand for rhino horn in countries like Vietnam. Rhino horn is neither a magic medicine nor a status symbol. In fact, rhino horn is made from a form of keratin, similar to buffalo horn. Join me, Hong Nhung, to bring an end to this senseless killing. Do not buy or use rhino horns”, says Hong Nhung.


In 2010, Vietnam’s last rhino was killed for its horn, yet unfortunately today it is still believed to be one of the largest rhino horn consumer markets in the world.

“ENV has been working across a broad front to reduce rhino horn consumption in Vietnam. This PSA will show the Vietnamese public the shocking truth about the plight of the world’s rhinos, so that they may see how the consumer demand for rhino horn in Vietnam has been driving the cruel slaughter, and feel that it is up to them to end this massacre before it is too late,” says Vu Thi Quyen, Executive Director of ENV. “The ‘rhino war’ can only be successful if the Vietnamese people join the fight for rhinos. We need to address consumption head-on, making people aware that the act of using rhino horn is exterminating a majestic species and fueling criminal networks”, she adds.


This PSA is the third film to be released this year by ENV, and the 22nd PSA ENV has produced to date, as part of ENV’s long-term campaign to reduce consumer demand for products made from endangered wildlife species. The PSA will be broadcast on both national and provincial TV channels in the coming months.


ENV gratefully acknowledges the Rhinose Foundation and Save the Rhino for their valuable support in producing this PSA.


ENV especially wishes to demonstrate our gratitude to the VTV pcd for their hard work in producing this PSA, and also wishes to thank national and provincial TV channels, VTV Cab, An Vien TV, and VTC Digital for committing to air the film, enabling this important message to reach millions of members of the Vietnamese public across the country.


The PSA with English subtitles can be watched online at http://youtu.be/GwiBAXoXE_E

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