New sign prohibiting bear bile tourism erected near Ha Long Bay

A roadside sign saying “illegal visiting, buying, selling bear bile are prohibited” has been put up in Ha Long, an area renown for the natural beauty of the UNESCO protected bay, but also for the ugly mark of bear bile farming and related tourism activities.


May23-New sign prohibiting bear bile tourism erected near Ha Long Bay


The area is repeatedly targeted by ENV and whilst the number of farms is greatly reduced, a couple continue to attempt to operate. The sign is in Vietnamese, Korean, English and Chinese, so that it can be read by all those who are interested in bear bile tourism, and from now on, tourists to Ha Long Bay will be made aware that buying bile could lead to criminal charges and should be put off from visiting bear farms and risking arrest during their vacation. This is not only a significant step taken by the provincial authorities in stopping bear bile tourism around Ha Long Bay, but also represents both a public commitment by the authorities and a notice to the bear bile farmers that there is no doubt that bear bile farming will eventually be eliminated in the area.


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