Healthy lifestyles do not require rhino horn

ENV has been developing a campaign specifically targeting rhino horn users or potential consumers, who are mostly prosperous, elite members of Vietnamese society; rhino horn is very expensive and its consumption is seen as a demonstration of wealth and status.

May5-Healthy lifestyles do not require rhino horn



ENV is therefore working to change attitudes of such people by spreading the message to the places where they frequent, such as the luxury car dealerships of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Now we are also expanding into social spaces, and today have displayed the first two message boards in two branches of NShape Fitness, a stylish gym in Hanoi. The boards emphasize that those who have perfect physiques and lifestyles go to NShape Fitness, and do not use rhino horn. ENV will now closely monitor the success of this campaign in order to learn how to best expand this into many other luxury locations, such as golf clubs, hotels and entertainment centers. 


ENV would like to say a big thank you to NShape Fitness for their support and commitment to the protection of wildlife!

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