An English Conservation Conversation!

April 17, ENV’s outreach team held a rare wildlife trade presentation in English, at Thang Long University in Hanoi, whose English club had invited us to speak. Whilst we had reservations about whether the students would fully understand all of the information and be inspired by our messages in a different language, we needn’t have worried as the students really connected with the key issues surrounding wildlife consumption, and offered very insightful comments and questions.


April18-An English Conservation Conversation



When ENV asked the students what can be done to make a difference and protect wildlife in Vietnam, Hoang Minh, a first year student, suggested that “we should have more seminars like this at different universities”, whilst Quynh Huong, in her second year of studying, took it further: “The authorities should also have stricter law to protect wildlife, as students, we should together raise up our voice, educate others, and now, we know the hotline number 1800 1522, we should take action by calling to the hotline to report crime whenever we observe a case”.


Finally, when ENV asked the group if they believed that they themselves could make a difference and protect Vietnam’s wildlife, they responded altogether “YES!” Many then proved their commitment by signing up there and then to volunteer for ENV, and we challenged every student to report at least 1 crime in the next week. ENV is looking forward to seeing real action being taken by this group of young people, to make a real difference for the future of Vietnam’s wildlife.


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