Evaluation of the outcomes of prosecutions for serious wildlife crimes in Vietnam

In January 2014, ENV carried out a review of criminal prosecutions which involved rare and endangered wildlife species that are currently listed in Group 1B of Decree 32/2006 and are fully protected under Vietnamese law. 


Summary Report -VA ver April 7 2014


The review was carried out to evaluate the outcome of these criminal cases and assess whether punishment that was applied for serious criminal offenses involving wildlife may be effective in deterring criminal behavior and meeting the full protection needs of Vietnam’s most critically endangered species as intended under the law.


The review looked at 93 criminal prosecutions were documented on ENV’s National Wildlife Crime Incident Tracking System, between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013. The review did not include cases that did not reach the courts or for which the conclusions are either pending or unknown.


Please click here for the detailed report


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