ENV’s call to destroy elephant ivory

In recent years, a number of countries such as the US, China and Hong Kong have destroyed their elephant ivory stockpiles as part of global efforts to stop the illegal trade of elephant ivory. According CITES Vietnam, about 25 tons of elephant ivories which have been seized are currently stored around the country. Last week, ENV sent a statement to media urging the Vietnamese authorities to follow the positive footsteps set by other countries, demonstrating Vietnam’s commitment to protect our remaining elephant populations and elephants from around the world from illegal hunting and trade.


Nguon China Daily


China destroy 6 tons of illegal ivory (Photo courtesy of China Daily)


Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Dung – Vice Director of ENV said in the statement: “We totally support the incineration of ivory because it communicates a strong message against the elephant tusk trade all over the world. If these ivories are auctioned (which means legalizing the trade), the market for ivory will continue to be fed and the authorities will meet numerous difficulties in distinguishing between legal and illegal products.” The statement was widely published by more than 20 major newspapers in Vietnam. 



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