Knocking down doors with Lam Dong FPD

ENV joined Forest Rangers from the Lam Dong Forest Protection Department for the third straight day raiding restaurants in 3 towns of Bao Loc, Bao Lam and Di Linh.  The enforcement campaign targeting consumer establishments began in November 2013 and is spreading across the province hitting consumer establishments in major towns and district centers.  


Jan17-Knocking down doors with Lam Dong FPD



Since the campaign began more than 13 restaurants, bars, and other business establishments have been inspected with hundreds of animals and wildlife products confiscated.  Over the past few days of the campaign, three important cases were discovered, one involving a cache of frozen wildlife discovered in a freezer including 1 frozen leopard cat weighing 1kg, 1 frozen leopard cat skin weighing 0,5kg and 1.5kg of frozen boar meat. Lam Dong FPD plans to continue the inspections up until Tet, the Vietnamese lunar New Year.  Wildlife consumption tends to increase in the months leading up to the lunar holiday.


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