ENV’s sting operation to rescue two turtles

The battle against the wildlife trade constantly requires conservationists to work harder and more intelligently. On January 9, ENV discovered an online advertisement for two turtles by a man in Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh city. To catch the subject red handed, we quickly engaged a sting operation: we made contact with the seller, using the cover story that we intended to buy these animals.


Jan15-ENVs sting operation to rescue two turtles



Once we retrieved all necessary information to pursue the case, ENV instead informed the local police of the proposed selling time and location, enabling them to apprehend the individual in the act. This morning, two turtles, which were identified as a green sea turtle and a hawksbill sea turtle, were successfully confiscated and the trader was dealt with according to Vietnamese laws, marking a great success for ENV and affiliated authorities! ENV will now continue to support the relevant authorities and follow this case until it is fully concluded. Watch this space for turtle updates!

Case reference No.5876/ENV


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