Ha Tinh authorities arrest a man making tiger bone glue

It is reported on tuoitre.vn that yesterday, Ha Tinh authorities have apprehended a man making tiger bone glue, as well as possessing other wildlife products.


Nov8-Ha Tinh authorities arrest a man making tiger bone glue



Local police made the discovery after following information about tiger meat trade within the province; officers were checking a suspect’s house when they discovered two pots of tiger bone glue, other tiger parts and an antelope head in the refrigerator. All items were confiscated for further investigation.

Many people incorrectly believe tiger bone glue has the ability to cure bone diseases and even improve a man’s potency, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support these theories. These falsely held beliefs are the main reason why tiger poaching is rampant in Vietnam, and this practice has sadly lead to a dramatic decrease in the numbers of these majestic animals in the country (experts estimate that less than 50 may remain in the wild). 

Photo courtesy of tuoitre.vn

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