Wildlife trafficker receives heavy punishment

Vietnamese news in baogialai.com.vn reports that Phu Yen authorities issued decision to punish a wildlife trafficker. Back in October, Forest Protection Department in cooperation with local police in Phu Yen province intercepted a suspicious car and discovered nearly 50 kilograms of clouded monitor lizards, 55 kilograms of common rat snakes, a radiated rat snake and a cobra.


Nov4-widlife trafficker receives heavy punishment



All the animals were released into the wild and the trafficker was fined 75 million dong (nearly 4,000 USD). 

In a previous post we highlighted that last month Phu Yen police also exposed a wildlife trafficking case through which the criminals were using an ambulance to smuggle. These cases demonstrate the efficiency of Phu Yen authorities where there shift action has resulted in the prevention of illegal trade.

Photo courtesy of baogialai.com.vn

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