Our new issue of Green Forest magazine ready for eager kids across Vietnam

Today we’ve released our 34th issue of the popular Vietnamese children’s nature magazine, Green Forest. Using lively and engaging illustrations, Green Forest includes activities, games and cartoons to help students learn about major environmental issues. In addition to highlighting the causes, effects and consequences of climate change for Vietnam and its many species and delicate ecosystems, this issue also includes contributions from students throughout the country.


Oct1-Green Forest 34

The magazine shares kids’ poems and stories about environmental protection, and our “turtle protection soldier” Hoang Lan Phuong reflects on her experiences as a member of the Wildlife Protection Volunteer Network. “Our wildlife is on the verge of extinction from habitat loss and illegal trade. Like humans, animals were born to live, not to be served as food, clothes, medicines or trophies,” she says. 


Green Forest was first produced in 1998 and is mainly distributed to rural communities bordering parks and protected areas in Vietnam. Through it, ENV aims to educate and nurture children’s love for Vietnamese wildlife and the need to protect it.


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