The World Rhino Day – September 22

One of our key campaigns is dedicated to bringing an end to the killing of rhinos. Our primary target group is the upper-middle income class, the biggest market for rhino horn in Vietnam. To that end, we have launched a Wildlife Safety Zone, calling on business people and officers to say no to rhino horn. We also write to and engage with influential CEOs, politicians and other public figures about the rhino crisis. Through this, we aim to significantly broaden the anti-rhino horn movement in Vietnam.


Sep22-Rhino Day

Many of our regular activities are also aimed at the general public. Our wildlife crime hotline allows informants to report rhino horn crimes quickly and easily. This year we’ve also released two Public Service Announcements discouraging rhino horn consumption, which have been seen on nearly 50 TV stations across Vietnam and online (see our latest one here! We also produce regular Voice of Vietnam radio programs and viral campaigns on Vietnamese social media. In addition, we are always building more partnerships with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shops. Since June this year, 30 shops have pledged not to sell rhino horns.


And of course, the Vietnamese delegates’ recent South Africa visit has been crucial – with their support (plus actor and comedian Xuan Bac working as ENV’s Rhino Ambassador), we hope their stories will help to drive home the message that rhino horn is not a magical medicine or a status symbol.

*The banners show some of our key messages to the Vietnamese public – that rhinos are dying every day in Africa because of the demand for their horns, and that consumption of rhino horn is foolish and completely pointless.


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